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Team's Activity Photos


Activity Master plan, preparation and execution

CICD exchange activities in Yilan Science Park

Taiwan's new venture advances to Thailand

ASEAN Economic and Trade Association exchange activities

Foreigners and new immigrants entrepreneurship promotion exchange event in Yilan

UCAT exchange activities

Training and study activities of Yilan YES and SDGs Youth Entrepreneurship Action Team

Exchanges of IT Seed and Yilan YES

2020 Team of HSP FITI-109-2

2020 Team of HSP FITI-109-1

2020 YES



2019 Kyoto and Osaka's Business Media Visit

Yilan Entrepreneur's Studio - 2019 Accurate-Briefing Event in Northern Region

Yilan Entrepreneur's Studio - 2019 Youth CEO Leadership Camp

2018 Interviewing with IC Broadcasting Co.

2018 Electronics Fair in Hong Kong

2017 Hsinchu Big Future Matching Event

Yilan Entrepreneur's Studio - The Monthly meeting of Taiwan Junior Chamber in Northern 1st. Region with Oregon Debate(finals) & Director Cup Speech Contest in Northern 1st. Region with Charitable Activities

FITI Angels Matching

Entrepreneurial Team Awards and Behind the Awards

Symposiums for Teams

Coaching for Teams

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