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Qualifications for Application

  • 1. An entrepreneurial team with product prototypes or innovative business ideas. Including university or graduate students, non-students or entrepreneurs.
  • 2. Companies with potential and established under 5 years. The team that is stationed must have the capability of independent research and development, and the team with the developmental operation plan will be listed as the priority.

Co-working space application

The project is reviewed by the planning office and submitted to the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau for review.

(Free rent: No more than 2 seats for each team or company)

The ApplicationPprocess for Independent Office

Selecting the applications by the planning office
Send the applications to Hsinchu Science Park Bureau
Audit the document
Entrepreneurship team attends the briefing session and be reviewed
Announce the results and submit it to the Director of the Authority or his authorized personnel for approval
Complete the relevant registration
Entering Yilan Entrepreneur's Studio

Charge Fee for Independent Office

Yilan Entrepreneur's Studio

NT$146.36 for square meter/month(not include water, electricity)

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